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Metering and mixing systems for bonding, sealing and potting

For the processing of epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, polysulphides and methacrylate based resins, as well as greases and oils, METER MIX® offers metering, mixing and dispensing machines which are precise, reliable and easy to handle. Learn more about our solutions for bonding, sealing and potting in various industries.

Presice Potting of oxygenerators and artifical lungs

A leading US manufacturer produces oxygenators or artificial lungs using METER MIX metering and mixing technology for their potting application.

Electronic potting of variable frequency drives (VFD)

Inverter driver alters the frequency of the drive motor in order to change the speed. During the production, the internal components have to be encapsulated with a two-component polyurethane resin.

Adhesive bonding of composite parts for space rockets

Space rockets have to withstand extreme forces. Composite parts provide an effective solution, as they are very robust and resilient.

Potting of filter endcaps

A new metering and mixing system allows to customer to optimize the potting process of filter endcaps and to increase the production.

Flexible filling of cartridges with adhesives

With the our metering and mixing machine, customers can fill cartridges or syringes very quickly and flexibly in-house.

Electronic potting of medical equipment

During the production of the subsea ultrasound transducers components has to be encapsulated with a two-component epoxy. METER MIX® provided an optimal solution for the potting application.