Potting hair bristles into shaving brushes

Optimising production by switching from manual to mechanical metering and mixing

Potting shaving brushes with METER MIX LiquidShot 3
A customer in cosmetics industry optimises its production of shaving brushes by introducing a metering and mixing machine for the potting process.

Weighing out & blending materials by hand can result in a number of issues including potentially unsafe handling of the chemicals, incorrect mixing ratios and poor mixing amongst others. There can be inaccuracies in the measuring of the material, it takes a lot of time & effort and you can often mix too much, or too little, per batch. Moving away from manual measuring & blending and towards accurate machine metering & mixing, it is possible to generate higher productivity with significant returns in investment. This example is from the cosmetics industry. 

Our customer produces high-quality shaving brushes. In the production process, hair bristles have to be bonded into shaving brushes using a potting method. The customer uses a two part polyurethane. They needed to replace the age old method of hand measuring, mixing and pouring of the resin into their shaving brushes in order to speed up production and to reduce the amount of rejected parts. They required an easy-to-use machine that required as little operator intervention as possible.

Our solution
With the LiquidShot 3 from Meter Mix, the customer can now dispense a precise amount of mixed resin by shot into a stepped recess within the shaving brush handle. The badger hair is then placed into the resin, therefore ensuring a secure bond into the brush handle. The shot size can be easily selected on the machine according to the three different required sizes (small, medium & large). The machine is extremely versatile with easy-to-use functionality, irrespective as to whether it is being operated by a beginner or an expert. Furthermore, the customer has now significantly benefited by the clean and efficient metering, mixing and dispensing process of their resin. This has cut down on mess, wastage and costly rejects.

The benefits at glance:

  • Exact metering and mixing of polyurethane
  • Easy operation for beginners and experts
  • Multiple shot size selection for higher flexibility 
  • Higher output 
  • No rejected parts
  • Reduction of waste and material savings

Our solution for potting polyurethane:

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