Resin potting of LED lights

Increase process reliability by introducing a resin dispensing system

Resin potting of LED lights
Potting LED lights with two-part Polyurethane

Our customer produces LED lights that are used into the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. In the production process, the printed circuit board (PCB) has to be completely potted in order to ensure long life expectancy.

In the previous production process, the customer used a labour intensive operation by manually metering and mixing the two-component polyurethane. The material must be poured up to and around the base of four up-lifter LED lights. They needed to replace the hand metering and mixing process as well as the pouring of resin into the assemblies. They wanted to eliminate the risk of insufficiently metered and mixed material and to speed up the production process.

Our solution
Meter Mix recommended the LiquidShot 3C metering, mixing and dispensing machine to the customer. This machine meters and mixes the two-component materials automatically. The machine not only meters the materials at the correct ratio, but eliminates the risk of badly mixed material. Furthermore, it ensures that the resin cures correctly within the light assembly. Another benefit is that the application process is much cleaner.  In addition, the mechanical operation of the whole machine dispensing process reduces mess and material waste.

Your advantages

  • Exact metering and mixing of material
  • Clean application process 
  • High process reliability
  • Reduced mess and material waste

Our solution for potting LED lights

Your benefits

• 30 years of experience

• Easy to handle machines

• Short delivery times

• Suited to the needs of a wide range of applications

• Individual sales and service

• Presence in more than 40 countries