Precise potting of filter endcaps

Customised metering and mixing solution for filter manufacturing in the automotive industry

Bench-top LiquidShot 3C machine
Bench-top LiquidShot 3C machine

Filtration control produces filters for many industries, these include filters for motorbikes, cars, buses, trucks, and rail to name a few. The manufacturing process is highly manual. The filters are produced in small quantities. The foam and filter materials are cut and glued by hand to the other components.

Filtration Control worked with a 15 year old metering and mixing machine. The manufacturer needed to replace the system. At the same time, the aim was to increase process reliability and make the work steps more convenient for the user. Another goal was to save time.

Our solution
Meter Mix provided the customer with a LiquidShot 3C metering and mixing machine. The machine is mounted on a special table with a mixer valve in place. The dosing process is very simple. Depending on the size of the filter, a certain number of shots are programmed. The filter endcaps are put on a special turntable which rotates and allows a uniform distribution of the material. Then the filter is placed on the end cap by hand and hardens at room temperature. The LiquidShot 3 machine with its piston pump technology is ideal for small applications typically dispensing between 3 to 60 ml per shot.

The customer is very happy with his new system: “It is much more comfortable now. The machine is smoother, quieter and the handling with the foot pedal is very easy.” From the technical side, the manufacturer benefits from a consistent ratio over the entire working day. They can now produce more filters in less time. They are able to create more shots in less time, halving the processing time from 20 to 10 minutes.

Your advantages

  • Consistent ratio
  • Easy to handle with foot pedal
  • High efficiency
  • Increase of production

Our solution for potting filters

Your benefits

• 30 years of experience

• Easy to handle machines

• Short delivery times

• Suited to the needs of a wide range of applications

• Individual sales and service

• Presence in more than 40 countries