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The oxygenator is a part of heart lung machine

The lungs are vital organs. Through breathing, they ensure that oxygen gets into our blood and into our body. If no more oxygen gets into our blood, our cells can no longer work properly, then assistance from machines becomes necessary. The oxygenator or an artificial lung is one of the most important components of a heart-lung machine. It takes over the function of a lung and carries vital oxygen into our blood and the waste product carbon dioxide out when there is chronic or acute lung failure. 

A leading US manufacturer produces these oxygenators or artificial lungs using METER MIX metering and mixing technology for their potting application.

The final product must perform its task safely and reliably at all times, as human lives depend on it. A two-component polyurethane is used for potting. The metering and mixing system has to ensure that this is metered and mixed accurately. In addition, the system has to meet special requirements for use in the medical industry.

Experts from the METER MIX team recommended the LiquidFlow 30 metering and mixing machine for their potting application. The polyurethane they use requires a precise mix ratio as well as high sensitivity to ambient conditions, notably humidity. The LiquidFlow 30 meets all requirements to reliably process the polyurethane.

Furthermore, the LiquidFlow 30 machine uses nitrogen gas blankets to completely eliminate moisture inside the material tanks, ensuring the potting compounds have a long shelf life. METER MIX gave a high level cooperation in order to ensure all wetted components of the system passed their biocompability study, further showcasing our competence in the medical industry.

The bulk-feed system allows both materials to be supplied directly from 55 gallon drums, without operator contact with the material.

Technical Specifications LiquidFlow 30

  • Bench or floor mounted
  • Bulkfeed system from supply drums
  • Electric agitation for the base resin
  • Heating circuit for the base resin
  • Rotary pump seal for improved handing & processing of Isocyanate material

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