Potting PU

In the automotive industry, the electronic switch for seats is encapsulated with two-part polyurethane.

Metering and mixing system for potting PU
LiquidShot 3: Piston pump technology for small applications typically dispensing between 3 to 60 ml per shot

Potting is one of the most important applications in the automotive industry. Everywhere, electronics must be encapsulated with epoxy, polyurethane (PU) or silicone to protect the sensitive components from environmental influences such as dust, dirt or moisture. This is the only way to ensure a long service life.

Here, for example, an electronic switch for car seats is being encapsulated. For this purpose, the LiquidShot 3 metering and mixing system processes a two-component PU. The application is carried out manually. Automation is also possible.

You benefit from

  • Cost-effective
  • Compact size 
  • Precise volumetric metered  shots
  • Suitable for processing filled/abrasive materials (when fitted with hardened parts)

Our most popular machines for potting polyurethane

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