METER MIX machine for Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM)
Reaction injection moulding
Smart solutions for the production of PU-components

Reaction injection moulding (RIM)

Dispensing systems for the production of plastic moulded parts

Though we may not pay it much attention, products and components made in the Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) process form a significant part of our everyday lives. Typically, these items would be found in consumer goods, as well as household or electrical appliances, for example in the form of cases and housing in kitchen appliances or telephones. Vehicles contain numerous plastic moulded components too, in both their interior and exterior (consoles, switches, bumpers, etc.) and even prototype and small series productions often make use of this plastic processing method. That is why RIM is nowadays considered one of the classic applications in low-pressure metering technology.

The basis of the RIM process is usually a two-part, low viscosity polyurethane. The two parts - polyol and isocyanate - are precisely metered first and then homogeneously mixed (reaction). Subsequently, the material is injected at a low pressure (injection) into a closed mould, where it cures within a few minutes (moulding).

METER MIX® offers a reliable metering and mixing solution perfectly suited to the specifics of polyurethane processing in RIM processes. The LiquidFlow 50 can be connected directly to the mould, while material injection can be partially automated.

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