Grease Pump for Lubrication Processes

Piston Pump for grease and oil

METER MIX® Piston Pump

METER MIX® drum pumps feature double acting chop check pumps. They feed single component media such as greases and oils up to NLGI 3 directly and clean from original containers.

Product Features

  • Double acting pump
  • Chop check transfer system
  • 1-hand operation
  • Pressure ratio of 33:1
  • Simple venting during container change
  • Adjustable packing nut for seal tightening

Technical Data

Pump nomenclature (example: MMZZZC33-SC00)

Code Description
MM Manufacturing company "METER MIX®"
ZZZ Drum size (030, 080 & 200 in litres)
C Type of transfer pump
C = Chop check type for high viscosities
(NLGI 0 – 3)
33 Pressure ratio
S Single hand control for pump operation
S / C Material of follower plate
S: Stainless steel
C: Carbon steel
0 / 1 Level alarm options
0: Without low level alarm
1: Adjustable low level alarm with shut off
0 / 1 / 2 Base plate options
0: Base plate only
1: With lockable wheel
2: With levelling feet