Automated potting of electronic devices

Reliable processing of two-part polyurethane

Electronic components have to be potted very precisely and reliably in order to optimise their protection against dust, dirt or moisture ingress. The LiquidShot 3C metering and mixing machine is ideally suited for this challenge. It can process small shots of two-part materials at preset flow rates with a high degree of repeatability.

In this application case, a connection box, which will be used in LPG vehicles, has to be potted. METER MIX configured an automated metering and mixing system, based on the LiquidShot 3C machine. A two-part polyurethane resin is accurately dispense by a cobot into the electronic devices. 18 components can be placed on a workpiece carrier for every cycle. An infra-red level measurement is integrated to detect the high level resin fill point.

With the new automated process, the customer was able to increase production throughput with a decrease in operator input. Furthermore, this cost-effective solution has proven to yield 25% less material waste when compared to the manual application. This process ensures a stable production and a full electronic component protection within the connection boxes.

Benefits of LiquidShot 3 series

  • Cost-effective
  • Precise volumetric metered  shots
  • Ideal for smaller volumes
  • Easily integrated with a multitude of different robotic applicators
  • Filled resins are more easily processed

Our most popular machine for potting electronic devices

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