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Metering and mixing for one part and two part materials

Find the right dispensing equipment for processing epoxies, polyurethanes and silicones

With our machines, you can process one-part and two-part materials reliably and safely - regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. You could choose between two technologies:

  • Material discharged by continuous flow
  • Material discharged by shot
Material dispensed by continuous flow
METER MIX Liquidflow 2PC

LiquidFlow 2

Versatile machine for accurate dispensing of small beads

METER MIX Liquidflow 30m

LiquidFlow 30

Precision gear pump technology for low-mid flow applications

METER MIX Liquidflow 40

LiquidFlow 40

Mid-range gear pump technology for medium flow applications

METER MIX Liquidflow 50A

LiquidFlow 50

High-level machine for larger flow production demands

Material dispensed by shot
METER MIX Liquidshot 2P

LiquidShot 2

Machine for dispensing precise volumes typically less than 3 ml per shot

METER MIX Liquidshot 3CM

LiquidShot 3

Piston pump technology for small applications typically dispensing between 3 to 60 ml per shot

METER MIX Liquidshot 4CE

LiquidShot 4

Piston pump technology for medium applications typically dispensing between 20 to 180 ml per shot

METER MIX Liquidshot 5C

LiquidShot 5

Piston pump technology for large applications typically dispensing between 100 to 250 ml per shot

Material dispensed by continuous flow

PasteFlow 20

High-level machine for dispensing beads of high-viscosity material directly from 20 ltr. drums


PasteFlow 200

High-level machine for dispensing beads of high-viscosity material directly from 200 ltr. drums

Material dispensed by shot

PasteShot 20

Machine for dispensing small-medium shot sizes typically between 5 to 120 ml of high-viscosity material directly from 20 lt drums


PasteShot 200

Machine for dispensing medium-large shot sizes typically 30 to 200 ml of high-viscosity material directly from 200 lt drums

Lubrication Products

Piston pump

The METER MIX drum pumps feed single component media such as greases and oils clean from original containers.


Material pressure regulator

The METER MIX material pressure regulators reduce the pressure of the fed material to the required working pressure.


Dispensing valve

Our dispensing valves are ideal for metering of low to high viscosity media in lubrication processes.


Mini metering valve

The mini metering valves from METER MIX are precise, ensuring a repeatable metering of extremely small shots.


Chamber metering valve

Chamber metering valves from METER MIX ensure a precise and repeatable metering of lubricants.

Metering and mixing systems for one and two part materials

We specialise in metering and mixing solutions for industries in which the production process involves potting, bonding, sealing, tooling or RIM. Our systems have two defining characteristics: They are easy to handle and ensure a high performance.

The METER MIX® product range offers solutions for the processing of one-part fluid materials such as lubricants, as well as standard and tailored solutions for two-part material dispensing. Our one-part product line offers high precision pumps, pressure regulators and valves. They are built to ensure an accurate dispensing of oils and greases of varying viscosities. In the field of two-part material processing, METER MIX® offers a wide range of meter, mix, dispense machines for a wide range of applications.

Which solution is the best for your application?
Different METER MIX® systems use different techniques for their operation. Our piston pump metering systems are used in shot dispensing applications. They control the volumetric mix ratio precisely, while incorporating single-acting adjustable shot volume metering. For continuous dispensing, the METER MIX® gear pump metering systems are the preferred solution. They offer precise, programmable ratio metering and constant flow dispensing. Machines from METER MIX® can process a broad spectrum of material viscosities in various types of application. All machines are available as benchtop or floor-standing versions.

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