What's the definition of pot life?

Pot life describes the period of time over which a reactive two-part material has the right properties for being successfully processed. It depends on different factor, for example the mixing ratio or the temperature of the material during the dispensing process.

Beyond pot life, the viscosity of the material increases and so does the pressure in the mixer. This influences the whole metering and mixing process. The material becomes too thick and increasingly difficult to meter. In the worst case, the processing has to be stopped and the machine to be cleaned because the material has hardened. Because of this, it is important to monitor the pot life during breaks in the metering process.

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Dispensing material in consideration of pot life

When does the pot life begin?

Pot life is critical because it indicates how long the mixed material can be used for applications such as application, pouring, spraying or dispensing before it becomes too solid to handle. During this time, the material must be applied or dispensed to the desired area.

It is important to note that pot life can vary from material to material and is influenced by several factors, including the type of components, temperature and mixing method. In dispensing technology, pot life is taken into account to ensure that the material is dispensed properly before it hardens and makes it impossible to use. Therefore, the exact time at which pot life begins is critical information for planning and executing dispensing processes.

What is processing time?

The processing time refers to the period of time within which a mixed material can still be safely and effectively processed or dispensed after the pot life has begun. The processing time is therefore the period of time during which the material still has its desired properties and can be properly used in a dispensing process before it becomes too solid to be processed further.

The exact duration of the processing time depends on the specific properties of the material and the environmental conditions. It can vary from material to material and is usually determined by the manufacturer of the material or by technical specifications.

Knowing the processing time is essential to ensure that the material is used efficiently in the dispensing process and does not cure or harden prematurely, which can lead to problems. In dispensing technology, it is important to carefully monitor the processing time and plan and execute the dispensing process so that the material is processed safely and correctly within this time.