What is metering and mixing technology?

A brief definition of metering technology

Metering and mixing relates to the processing of one or two-component materials. These could be greases and oils or adhesives and sealants such as polyurethane, epoxy or silicone. Single component materials are particularly common in the automotive industry, while two-component materials can be seen in applications such as component potting and bonding, as well as sealing, glazing and many more. When processing two-component materials, the components must first be filled in separate tanks and then accurately and uniformly mixed. This is the case for example in the processing of epoxy resins and hardeners.

Metering and mixing technology
Metering and mixing technology: The picture shows the METER MIX LiquidFlow30 in a typical potting application.

Comparison: Metering and Mixing by hand versus with a Meter Mix Machine

Criteria By hand With machine
Initial recognition costs Low Medium, High
Operation expenses High Low
Quality Low High
Economics Low High

METER MIX systems help achieve a highly economical production with quality results. They are used in many markets including automotive, aerospace and electronics for a range of applications such as potting, bonding, sealing, greasing and lubrication.