Potting of various sized cables into sensors

The reliable dispensing of different amounts of a two-part resin

Potting cables
Meter Mix offers metering and mixing systems for a reliable potting of cables

Our customer is a worldwide and leading manufacturer for electric cable technology used in different industry sectors. Amongst others, they produce cables for a leading pump supplier whose pumps are used in civil engineering, food production, railway, waste water and shipping. Our customer is potting various sized cables into sensors on the pumps, with a low viscosity resin, as the electronic parts withinin the cables have to be protected against dirt, dust and moisture ingress.

There are various sizes of cable to be potted. The dispensed amount, or shot, of potting material had to be accurate for each size of cable and sensor.

Our solution
We supplied our customer with a LiquidShot 3CE, a benchtop electric in-line drive piston pump metering, mixing and dispensing system. For this application, a machine with electric drive that would give a better controlled dispense of the low viscosity material per shot was critical. The machine, which is ideally suited for small applications where the dispensing of small shot sizes between 3ml to 60ml per shot are required, was an excellent choice for the potting of the different types and sizes of cable. Furthermore, the customer benefited from the “Recipe” function which allowed them to store up to 50 programmable shot sizes and flow rates.

Your advantages

  • Precise metering, mixing and dispensing of a low viscosity material 
  • A range of shot sizes and flow rates available 
  • „Recipe“ function with pre-programmable settings 

Our solution for potting cables

Your benefits

• 30 years of experience

• Easy to handle machines

• Short delivery times

• Suited to the needs of a wide range of applications

• Individual sales and service

• Presence in more than 40 countries