Filament winding: consistent supply of epoxy resin

LiquidFlow 40 dispenses mixed two-component resin into an impregnation bath

End product of the filament winding process: Pressure vessels made of CNG and hydrogen composites
End product of the filament winding process: Pressure vessels made of CNG and hydrogen composites

Our customer manufactures pressure vessels made of CNG and hydrogen composites and wanted to expand their production. The company needed a reliable metering and mixing system to provide the epoxy resin material for feeding a filament winding machine. 

Filament winding involves winding cylinders, tubes and containers. The fibres are continuously fed from a roll through an impregnation bath and then wound onto a winding mandrel. An axial movement creates the completely wrapped profile.

The requirement
In the manufacturing process, the company uses a two-component epoxy resin. The individual material components are heated to different temperatures. The filament winding machine needed to be equipped with a new metering and mixing system that fills the impregnation bath with mixed resin in order to enable faster production processes.

Our solution
The impregnation bath of the filament winding machine will be filled with the LiquidFlow 40 metering and mixing system from Meter Mix. It works with gear pumps and is very suitable for applications with low to medium flow rates.

Electric heating on the base resin and hardener reservoirs, gear pumps and outlet hoses ensures that the material can be processed to a consistently high quality. Stainless steel components were used for the hardener due to its corrosive nature.

This means that the material in the impregnation bath can be reliably maintained to the correct level at all times, and the fibres can be perfectly impregnated with precisely mixed epoxy resin, ready for the winding process.

Your advantages

  •     Compact and portable floor mounted framework
  •     Continuous flow
  •     Pulsation-free dispensing
  •     Variable mixing ratio
  •     Accurate flow-rate control

Our solution for filament winding

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