Bonding composites parts in the automotive industry

Process-stable dispensing of high-viscocity adhesives

Dispensing two-part adhesive on composite parts
Dispensing two-part adhesive on composite parts.

One of the UK’s leading composites manufacturing companies is producing parts for the automotive industry, e.g. for racing cars. In their production process, different bonding applications are required. They currently work with cartridges and are looking for a better solution. 

For the production of high performance cars, the customer needs a smart solution for bonding composite aerodynamic spoilers to the underside of the chassis of the vehicle. They were using cartridges, which were not only expensive, due to the high cost & limited availability of plastics, but also on long lead times. 

Our solution
Efficient and economical production can be produced by replacing cartridges with a metering and mixing system. METER MIX offered the customer a PasteShot 20C metering and mixing machine. It’s a floor mounted portable unit and ideally suited for dispensing high-viscosity materials – in this case a two-component high strength adhesive, which is processed directly from the original suppliers containers. The PasteShot 20C machine takes both materials from 20lt bulk supply drums and provides a more cost effective solution due to the reduction of plastic waste. Furthermore, the operators do not have to spend valuable production time constantly changing cartridges. The machine gives them all the volume of adhesive they require in one go. The customer now benefits from an easy-to-handle, controllable machine and is able to dispense beads of adhesives with a high degree of process stability directly onto their composite components. 

Your advantages

  • Environmentally friendly, plastic waste is reduced
  • Cost-saving
  • Easy to handle machine 
  • Reduced adhesive waste

Our solution for bonding composite parts

Your benefits

• 30 years of experience

• Easy to handle machines

• Short delivery times

• Suited to the needs of a wide range of applications

• Individual sales and service

• Presence in more than 40 countries