METER MIX machines for glazing applications
Bonding and sealing systems for windows and facades


Dispensing systems for direct and structural glazing

Efficient glazing plays an important role in modern structures. Firstly, it should provide sufficient noise protection, and secondly, it should ensure good energy efficiency. This applies not only to window elements, but in particular to the large glass facades that are prominent in modern high-rise architecture. Precise and modern metering and mixing systems are used in various glazing applications – for example, in the production of insulating glass, the application of a secondary coating (edge seal) ensures a reliable sealing of the individual elements.

Reliable Processing of special Adhesives

Structural glazing facades belong inarguably among the key features of modern architecture. With their clean and highly functional design, they are a daily reminder that we live in an era, in which form needs to follow function. Structural glazing facades are formed by bonding the supporting framework to the glass. This gives the effect of a seemingly frameless glass facade. The bonding process relies on special dual-component adhesives, which are processed with appropriate metering and mixing systems. Precise metering is particularly important here, as it is the only way to ensure reliable bonding of the individual elements. The same applies for direct glazing procedures used for the production of insulating glass as well as in the automotive industry. Here, the glass is bonded to the frame, again using a 2K adhesive. Direct glazing has numerous benefits, including improved heat and noise protection, slimmer profiles and increased light incidence.


For all glazing applications, METER MIX® offers proven and reliable metering and mixing systems developed to high quality standards through decades of experience and intensive collaboration with material manufacturers. The systems have been specifically designed for the processing of dual-component adhesives based on silicone, polyurethane or polysulfide, and they adhere precisely to the required mixing ratio. The application can be carried out either manually using a METER MIX® system or integrated


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