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METER MIX launches their new dynamic mixing head

As a complement to the LiquidFlow 50 metering and mixing system, it offers excellent results when processing difficult materials with large dispense flow rates.

Dynamic mixing head for dispensing two part polyurethane

Dynamic mixing head for metering and mixing large quantities or difficult types of PU

Metering and mixing system LiquidFlow 50

METER MIX LiquidFlow 50: machine for larger flow production requirements and suitable for the dynamic mixing head

Dispensing large quantities often places special demands on the metering and mixing equipment, especially when the material is difficult to mix. METER MIX has developed the Dynamic Mixing Head to meet these requirements. 

Improved mixing quality of difficult materials
It is mainly used for ensuring a perfectly homogeneous mix of two-component materials, especially polyurethane. It allows a higher mixing quality of difficult materials than is normally possible with rotary or static mixing. It is therefore the optimum solution when the amount of material to be mixed needs to be increased without compromising quality. The special design gives a higher shear rate of the material and the metal chamber is equipped with a special cleaning system using an integrated   air and solvent flushing unit.

For higher flow rate applications
The dynamic mixing head is machine-mounted on the METER MIX LiquidFlow 50 metering and mixing system. Typical applications are injection moulding into filters and moulds - all applications where a higher flow rate is required. For example, higher flow rates are required for the production of large filters or moulds. This mixing head can also be utilised for dispensing two-component polyurethane into closed moulds, for example in the automotive industry, where fast-reacting materials need to be dispensed quickly into moulds or where faster cycle times are required on quick gelling materials.

LiquidFlow 50 metering and mixing system
The dynamic mixing head is suitable for use on the LiquidFlow 50 - a metering and mixing system especially designed for larger flow production requirements. The advantage of this gear pump machine is the portable framework with the facility to mount larger material reservoirs. It has independent inverter-driven motor control for each gear pump. The pumps provide pulsation free dispensing, accurate flow control and quiet operation.